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Lehighton Orioles
Nest #183
The representatives of eleven bodies of men met in the City of Rochester NY on August 10th, 1910. They were imbued with a desire to found a fraternal order whose sole mission in life was to teach to men the true principle of Fraternity. Knowing that such an organization to be perpetual must have a democratic form of government, they built a constitution, which provided for the election of all officers and the enactment of all laws by duly elected delegates in convention assembled-and thus was the Fraternal Order Orioles born.
Life is, at its best, a struggle. In the midst of life we are in death. Life is neither a pain nor a pleasure, but a serious business which we should conclude with honor. A some time or other in our lifetime, none of us escape pitfalls. Human foresight can avert many troubles, but the time comes to most of us when our plans go awry, and we face failure. Circumstances are bound to be too much for us singly. It is not hard to keep on going ahead as long as the sun of prosperity is shining and the solid ground of successful effort is beneath our feet, but when the tornado of adversity has swept over us, no matter in what shape it may come, we must turn to others for support and strength-if for nothing more than a cheering word. Where may we find a stronger support than in an organization of our fellow beings, who, like ourselves, are subject to pitfalls? That we may help each other, cheer each other, and elevate the moral, social, and intellectual condition of us all, we shall organize, and that we maintain our hopes, hence the Fraternal Order Orioles.
That we organize together for the purpose of promulgating the principles obtained and taught in our Ritual of Liberty, Integrity, Fraternity and Equality.
We declare it to be the duty of all Orioles to use their influence and devote their energies toward lessening the burdens of their fellow Orioles.
We hereby pledge ourselves that the voice and person of the Oriole will be present and heard in the rooms of our sick and at the bier of our dead.
We shall, in every way possible, advance the welfare of all brother Orioles in business life.
While we are not organized for political purposes or the furtherance of political aims, we shall at all times assist our members who are candidates for public office.
That the Supreme Nest of the Order may from time to time, and shall upon and by direction of the Order in Supreme Convention assembled, outline and promulgate civic, humanitarian and educational programs of national and inter-national scope, the adoption of such programs to be voluntary on the part of the various Nests and Auxiliaries, and never mandatory.

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